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Web Accessibility at DevFest Ranchi 

Google Developer Groups (GDG) is a program by Google Developers, to build and grow communities all around the world. Every year, all the GDG chapters, organize DevFest. It is a festival for developers, where everyone, be it a beginner or an expert, come together and celebrate technology.

GDG Ranchi, hosted their first DevFest on 22nd of September, 2019. Although it was their first conference at such a scale, they didn’t make it feel like it. The arrangements that GDG Ranchi made, and the hospitality that they provided were simply amazing. DevFest Ranchi PosterDevFest Ranchi My talk titled “Let’s make the Web Accessible” was selected to be presented at DevFest Ranchi 2019. I was excited to be an advocate for accessibility and inspire developers to build accessible apps. Many developers don’t realize how important it is to take accessibility into consideration. According to report by World Bank, 15% of the world’s population consists of people with special needs, that is more than 1 billion people. Developers often fail to test their applications for accessibility and this results in bad user experience for these specially challenged people. In my talk, I gave an introduction of various tools that can be used to test accessibility of the applications. I also shared the guidelines and some tips, to keep in mind while building some web apps. Explaining “What is Accessibility?” Here is the link to my slides. https://medium.com/media/2a3976209095367f05ab3d955e840f49/href The audience consisted of young developers, an amalgamation of web, mobile and machine learning developers. After the sessions ended, during networking a lot of students, asked questions not just related to web. Their questions ranged from how to get started in web to how to become a GitHub Campus Expert. The attendees were curious to learn new things, and explore. Participants Enjoying the TalkParticipants Enjoying the TalkSpeakers with DevFest Ranchi Team To sum up, it was a great experience, I got to connect with some amazing folks, eat some yummy food, and most importantly be a voice for a better web!

Last Updated: Sat Dec 19 2020