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Automate Tweets for your Twitch Live Stream using n8n - Part 1

🗓 Mon Apr 19 2021

Automationn8nTutorialLive StreamTwitch

Learn to create a Twitch app and connect it with n8n to automate your announcement tweets

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My 2021 goals

🗓 Sat Jan 09 2021

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Migrating Community Metrics to Orbit using n8n 📈

🗓 Fri Dec 18 2020


If you manage DevRel metrics in Google Sheets (or Airtable), follow along the article to learn how you can move these metrics to Orbit.

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Building an expense tracking app in 10 minutes 📱

🗓 Fri Dec 11 2020


If you’re struggling with managing expenses like me, and if you want to build your custom app, follow along with this article.

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Sending SMS the Low-Code Way with Airtable, Twilio Programmable SMS, and n8n 📱

🗓 Mon Oct 12 2020


Learn to build a workflow to get customer information from Airtable and send SMS messages to them without writing a single line of code.

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Smart Factory Automation using IoT and Sensor Data with n8n 🏭

🗓 Tue Sep 01 2020

TutorialIoTIndustry 4.0AutomationSensors

Real-time monitoring can help with predictive maintenance of factories. We’ll teach you to build the foundation of such automated systems.

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Giving kudos to contributors with GitHub, Slack, and n8n 👏

🗓 Fri Aug 14 2020


People are the heart of a community. Celebrating their contributions is a way to show them that we value them and appreciate all their hard work. Learn how to build a workflow to celebrate your community's success.

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Women of React 2020 - Throwback

🗓 Fri May 01 2020


Women of React 2020 was a conference like no other. The conference had talks for everyone, be it a beginner or someone experienced. Let me give you the highlights of all the fun and learning I had, attending this virtual conference.

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React Summit Remote Edition: My Experience

🗓 Mon Apr 20 2020


On April 17, 2020, the React Summit conference hosted a Remote Edition of the React Summit with two tracks, a React track and an Alt track, with 10+ sessions, 5 discussion rooms, and a lot of fun!

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Using Auth0 Hooks to store user information

🗓 Sat Feb 29 2020


Learn about the Auth0 Hooks and how you can use one of the hooks to store information of the user in Firebase.

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My GitHub Campus Expert Journey and how you can become one 🚩

🗓 Fri Nov 01 2019


I've been asked a lot about my GitHub Campus Expert journey and how can one become a GitHub Campus Expert. This is an attempt to answer those questions and express my gratitude for this amazing program.

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Web Accessibility at DevFest Ranchi

🗓 Tue Sep 24 2019


I got an opportunity to advocate for Web Accessibilty at DevFest Ranchi 2019. It was a wonderful experience talking to developers and inspiring them to build accessible apps.

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The Flutter Bootcamp Story

🗓 Fri Aug 16 2019


This is the story of how two Student Community Leaders came together to successfully organize the very first Flutter Bootcamp, in Vadodara.

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Mozilla Policy Engagement & Privacy in India

🗓 Thu Jul 18 2019


The Ministry of Electronics and IT (MEITY) has announced that it has finalized the data protection bill. While it’s a step forward in many ways, the bill urgently needs edits to effectively uphold our privacy and needs to be sent to a standing committee for further review. I organized a campaign for the same at my College Campus

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Using React Navigation with Functional Components

🗓 Wed Jun 19 2019

React NativeTutorialNavigation

React Navigation is a popular library used with React Native for navigation. It helps us to build navigational apps. Here is a quick guide for implementing React Navigation with Functional Components.

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Privacy Month

🗓 Sun Apr 21 2019

In the month of January, Mozilla India started a month-long campaign to spread awareness about privacy and shared various tips to stay safe online. In this article, get some tips to stay safe online.

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Booth Crawl at MakerFest Vadodara — 2019

🗓 Sun Apr 21 2019

Booth CrawlGitHub

The city of Vadodara got to witness an amazing two day festival where makers from different background came together to showcase their projects. I as a GitHub Campus Expert got an opportunity to have…

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FOSSASIA Summit 2019 — My First International Talk

🗓 Thu Mar 28 2019


I still remember the date when it all started. It was January 18th, 2019 when I got a mail from FOSSASIA with the subject suggesting that my talk was selected. On reading the mail I was excited. This…

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