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My 2021 goals 

2020 has been a year of challenges and hardships. But it didn't stop me from learning and growing. I had set a few goals for the year, and I crushed some but not all.

Below are my goals for 2021:

✍️ Write More

I enjoy writing and sharing my knowledge with the community. But, I haven't been able to be consistent with it. But this year, it is going to be different. I will be focusing on writing more content that benefits the community. Below are a few topics that I'll be writing on. Feel free to let me know what would interest you.

  1. No-code: Working at n8n, I've realized the potential of no-code/low-code platforms. These platforms save us a lot of time and help us ship things faster (that is my other goal!).
  2. Automation: Lately, I've started automating a lot of my tasks. Automating these mundane tasks has made me more productive and I would like to help people take advantage of it.
  3. Security: I enjoy fiddling with different tech stacks and learn how to build secure applications. I have planned out a few articles that would explain security concepts and teach you how to use Auth0 with your app.
  4. Cloud: This is going to be an interesting topic for me. Currently, I am learning and trying to get better with cloud technologies and would love to share my learning with the community. Some of the topics that I'll be writing include Docker, Traefik, GCP.

🏗 Build More

In late 2020, I challenged myself to build an ship an MVP of a project. And I did! Building Hire Juniors taught me new things, which I otherwise wouldn't have been able to learn. Hence, one of the goals for 2021 is to improve Hire Juniors, and build more projects and ship them.

📹 Live Stream

2020 allowed me to explore live streaming, and I enjoyed it. Though I wasn't consistent with my live streams, I plan to do at least two streams a month this year. I know it is way less, but I am still exploring, and hopefully, I would start doing this more often.

In one of my live streams, I built a ToDo app using React and Relay with my friend Siddharth. I also streamed almost the whole process of building of Hire Juniors. I will continue to build projects on the live stream and share the journey with my viewers. I am also planning some pair-programming sessions with friends on small projects! You can follow my Twitch channel to get a notification whenever I go live!

One of the other goals of this year is to write a book. This goal is still a work in progress, and honestly, I am not sure if I will be able to achieve this, but I want to give this a shot! Let me know if you any suggestions on the topic, or if you want to collaborate!

These are some of my goals for 2021. Follow me on Twitter to follow along on this journey with me!

Last Updated: Sun Aug 01 2021